Sun Duroc Rims

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Back when Linkin Park wasn’t on the oldies station, when Jncos billowed like spinnakers and when everyone thought Spencer’s gift store was alternative, there were very few good rim makers. Mavic and Bontrager made the best, and Sun made decent, tough rims for a good price. Everything else was kinda bad. Like Linkin Park. Just. Not. Good.

These days, most rims are decent. Except Stan’s, which are hot garbage. What separates a good rim from a decent rim these days is how round it builds up, and if it can take an inner tube in a pinch.

Sun Duroc rims are good rims. They can take a tube, but set up tubeless easily. They’re stiff, light for their size, and you can PEEL THE STICKER OFF. Then they’re just generic black rims. Good for that stealth vibe everyone is always going on about. Ironically, the people who own the most ‘stealth bikes’ are the least quiet about owning a bike. They’re like the vegans of the bike world.

The Duroc rim is welded at the seam, which means the rim is a bit rounder and a bit stronger at the joint. Back in the day, that meant the rim was the best of the best. It still means something, but not as much now. Maybe people just stopped caring.

Anyway, as a wheel builder, I like them. They’re underrated rims, like the Boss Metal Zone is an underrated pedal. My top pick for rims, as a wheel builder, goes something like this: Spank, Sun, Velocity, everything else.

The Sun Duroc (which sounds like a Florida based drywall company) comes in a bunch of widths. We only sell the 32h rims, because 28 hole rims are silly unless you weigh nothing or don’t ride. All the Duroc rims are available in 29 or 27.5 sizes.

Here’s the Analog guide on which one to get:

Sun Duroc 30: 47mm - 2.4” tires. Great rim for lighter riders who just want a solid, tough rim for moutain biking, bike packing, gravel riding. Max rider weight for Gravel: 200 lbs. Max for gnar gnar off road stuff: 175 lbs. Max weight for Gnar Gnar and bike packing: 160 lbs.

27.5 rim weight: 440 grams. 29er weight: 465.

Sun Duroc 35: 50mm to 2.6 tires. Great rim for heavier riders in all conditions. Max rider weight for bike packing and gnar gnar: 200 lbs.

27.5: 495 grams. 29: 515 grams.

Sun Duroc 40. This is for plus sized tires, technically, but you could put a 2.4 on there too. 2.4-3” tires. 2.6-3” is optimal. Pretty light wide rim. Ideal for mountain biking, bike packing. If your frame can take it, and you are 200 lbs +, get the Duroc 50. It adds almost 100 grams, per rim, which is whatcha want if you are bringing the hurt to a rim. Note: few frames can clear a 50mm wide rim and a 3” tire. Measure!

27.5: 515 grams (that’s light!) 29er: 550 grams.

Duroc 50: For the heaviest riders or widest tires. You could ride between a 2.8 and a 3.8 on these, and lighter raiders could ride up to a 4” tire, but probably not in deep snow.

27.5 rim: 610. 29: 655.

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