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Sugino Crank Bolt Dust Covers



Some notes I took from the 2019 International Bucharest Crank Bolt Dust Cover Competition, where I was sent on assignment by the sadly defunct Classic Dust Cover Spectator.

On the Sugino Red Dust Cover: Sweet cherry and strawberry fruit is framed by earth, eucalyptus, tobacco and tar notes in this rich yet firm red. The assertive tannins suggest a glacial evolution but the lasting impression of fruit show this crank dust cover’s full potential.

On the Sugino Blue Dust Cover: Vibrant, offering a powerful mix of lemongrass and passion fruit flavors, with details of tangerine, Key lime and green apple. Appealing and refreshing through the long finish.

From the spectacular Sugino Brass Gold Dust Cover: Ripe and lush, with creamed pear, apricot and green melon flavors gliding through, lined with anise and honeysuckle notes on the effusive finish. A captivating display of the finest Japanese Dust Covers.

I cribbed this one from the old codger next to me, who drifted off in the middle of telling me a story about how he once met Pino Moroni in a bar in Pasadena. I knew he was lying because there is no bar in Pasadena, only a taverna. Anyway, the notes:

On the Sugino Orange Dust Cover:

A beautiful orange, featuring a mix of nectarine, mango and jasmine flavors, with focused acidity running through, connecting the elements and giving this a firm backbone. Multilayered, complex and long, marked by wet stone minerality on the mouthwatering finish. Pure and graceful.

On the Sugino Black Dust Cover: The benchmark dust cover. The very essence of dryness, with an intriguing, umami note of soy sauce and mushrooms. It lingers in the mouth, with complex retro-nasal aromas of noble wood creating an elegant dry finish.

These fit most Square Taper Cranks. Lube the threads with beeswax before installing!