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Spanninga Vena Fender Battery Light


What’s cheap, made in the EU, looks good, and pairs well with dark rides on dirt roads? Belgian Frites! ...And this fender light from Spanninga. A bit less tricky and bright than the Busch and Muller Secula (which we don’t stock the battery version of because you need a jack hammer with a 20x scope to turn it on and off) but a great, bright enough for anything taillight. It’s more streamlined and simple than the B+M light, an Arne Jacobson Swan vs a Herman Miller Aeron. The built in reflector means that when you invariably forget to change your batteries (AA), you won’t get plowed by that logging truck. Use the packaging as a drilling template. Measure twice and all that. Angle it so the light is pointing up justabit, so cars can see it.