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SON 28 9mm ISO Disc


We’re not dead set against centerlock discs, but we’ve done a lot of thinking over the past few years about centerlock vs 6 bolt. A centerlock hub's only real advantage is if you travel a lot with your bike and you pack it with the rotors off. Centerlock hubs are faster and easier to install and remove. Or get them if every gram counts. The hubs are usually marginally lighter than 6 bolt hubs, and the rotors are too. Not gobs lighter though, so weight weenies only need apply.

Most folks you want an ISO (That’s bike industry speak for 6 bolt normal disc hubs) hub. If you have regular, old school quick release drop outs on your fork, this is the Schmidt Hub you want if you are running disc brakes. Comes in colors, which is fun. Colors cost a bit more than silver, which makes sense, cause they don’t anodize themselves for free.

Polished: 32h, 36h

Black: 28h, 32h, 36 h



Red: 28h, 32h, 36h

Green, Blue, Orange: 36h only


For the full run down on Schmidt hubs, go here.