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SOMA short reach levers


Small fingered riders always get the short end of the stick when riding drop bars.  Lever reach is too long, even with contemporary bars, for small fingers to reach the lever easily when in the drops.  If you have SRAM levers, great, you can dial the reach in, but sometimes even that isn’t enough.  Enter these Soma levers.  The lever blade is bent back, so the blade is closer to the drop portion of the bar.  They feel normal, no weird tricks.  Work with any short pull brakes (Road disc brakes, road caliper brakes, U brakes, Canti’s, centerpulls).  

If you want drop bars and these levers, but want to use indexed shifting, we suggest getting the Paul 31.8 adapter that lets you mount a SRAM mtn shifter on the top portion of your road bars.  Works great, and let’s you do a wide range 11 or 12 speed 1x set up with ease!