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SKS Fenders

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Everyone knows that fenders make you the coolest biker on the block. This is because when you get to the pub after a wet ride, your hindbits are not encrusted in a fine layer of road excrement. Fenders also protect your Gucci loafers a bit, shield your drivetrain from the worst of the road spray, and help the guy drafting you avoid the dreaded rooster tail of water to the face.

Rivendell worked with SKS to make these extra long plastic fenders. Most plastic fenders are short, even the couple few that have mud flaps. They’re long enough to keep your face and butt from getting sprayed, but too short to keep feet, drivetrain, and tail gaters dry.

These fenders are the cream of the plastic fender crop. They’re actually sort of rubbery, not brittle like most plastic fenders. I’ve seen every style of fender out there crack, except the SKS fenders. I’m sure I’ll see a broken one, someday. Everything eventually breaks. But their record is pretty solid as far as I’m concerned.