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Sinewave Cycles Beacon Headlight + USB charger

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Over in Analog land, we’ve been using and selling Dynamo powered headlights for years. We’re always on the search for the best of the best, whether it be hubs, wiring connections, or lights. Of all the headlights on the market today, the Sinewave Beacon is the most impressive off road light we’ve used. You can use it on the road too, but it shines off road because of the way the beam is projected. Big, bright and round. It’s great for avoiding getting smacked in the face with low branches, seeing impending climbs, and of course, it illuminates the ground pretty darn well too.

At max output, the Beacon throws 750 lumens on the ground. That’s bright enough for fast off road descending. Racing in the dark. At 5mph, it kicks out 200 lumens, more than bright enough for a brisk walking pace.

The Beacon is US made, fully waterproof, handsome in a Sputnik kinda way, and super durable. Aluminum housing, no plastic where there should not be, even the switch is metal.

Here’s how to best set up a Beacon:

Get the light, light mount, and a cache battery. Hook the cache battery’s charging port to the USB charging port on the Beacon. Hook the cache battery’s output USB to the Beacon’s DC input. When you are crawling up a super steep climb, the light won’t flicker, it will draw on the battery. When you are just riding along or descending, the battery will be charged by the light. Most decent cache batteries have two USB outputs or more, so you can charge a phone or GPS while all of this is going on. Pretty rad, for back country riding. We typically stock these in polished silver or black, but can get them, if you are patient, in almost any color or color combo.

The light doesn't come with any of the hardware you need to attach it to Schmidt hubs. We recommend Schmidt's coaxial hub adaptor, because it's soldered to the headlight wire which makes for a super strong connection but is easy to remove if you need to take your front wheel off. It also doesn't come with any of the bits you need to attach a taillight, but most taillights (like the ones from Schmidt and B&M) come with most of the necessary hardware. I put together this guide on how to connect a Schmidt/SON taillight to a Beacon: SONtoBeaconWiringGuide. Here's a link to the tiny male ends referenced in the guide.

$350 in black, $360 in polished silver, custom colors 360+

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