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Genuine Innovations Side Of Bacon


A side of bacon is an essential part of a well rounded breakfast. Typically, bacon takes forever, especially when you stick it in the oven and get all ‘I want flat, evenly cooked bacon’ about it. To you I say: dump the whole package in a cast iron pan (ideally pre WWII, the new ones are all rough and craggy, like Clint Eastwood’s face) and stick it on the top of the wood stove. Then stir it occasionally with a stick, and more or less forget about it for 30 minutes. Eventually, that bacon will start to deep fry in it’s own fat, and that’s bacon Nirvana. Pull it out when it’s gone all crispy, and eats it down.

This particular side of bacon is less than ideal for said technique, but it’s good for replenishing your bacon bits from your tubeless patch kit. Throw one in your pack for long tours, it weighs next to nothing. 20 pack.