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Shimano Deore 9 speed rear derailleur


There is a world wide shortage of 9 speed rear derailleurs.  Don’t worry, Analog has your back.  Unless you had beans last night.  Then maybe we’ll just support you from a safe distance.  This is a good solid rear derailleur with a ton of chain wrap capacity.  You can wrap up 45t, which means you can do a 44/24 up front and a 11-36 in the back without even pushing the capacity.  That’s a nice wide range of gears.  Shifts well with any of the following:

Shimano 9 speed mtn or road shifters, Shimano 10 speed road shifters with a 10 speed chain and cassette.  Yes, it’s a great way to increase the range of your old 10 speed ultegra drivetrain.  

We stock two versions of this, you’ll get whichever we have in stock.  They both work the same.  Sorry, no being picky.