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Schwalbe Jumbo Jim Tires

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Most fat bike tires make your bike feel like you are pedaling through a book about the history of tube socks. Slow. Horrible. Flashbacks to elementary school. Sweat pants that had a print on them that made them (sort of) look like acid washed black jeans. It was bad. Mom, if you have pics, burn them pronto.

Anyway, someone online has done a pretty legit sciency review of the rolling resistance of the good fat bike tires out there. Here’s the take away: Schwalbe Jumbo Jims are the fastest rolling and second lightest fat bike tires out there. The first lightest are the slowest rolling, so don’t get those. The Jumbo Jim somehow manages to have decently beefy sidewalls, big knobs, and easy tubeless set up and still be the fastest and second lightest tire out there. If you are riding on ice get studs, but otherwise, get these for all your fat riding needs. I ride the 4.8’s at about 10 psi when it’s nice out, and 3 or 4 when it’s snowy. They do fine on dirt roads but all fat tires are a bit of a slog on pavement. Too much grip.

Nut shell on these: they have good traction, they roll nice, they look nice, they are not insanely expensive (they are not cheap either!), they work in mud and dirt and snow. They’re reasonably light. They come in 3 sizes: 4”, 4.6” and 4.8”. Get the biggest your bike can handle for snow riding, or just get a 4” tire for normal trail work.

Use 4 oz of sealant per tire, and use our tubeless tape, because it’s the jam.