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Schmidt Light Mounts


Extension & Color

If’ns you have a headlight that needs to be mounted on your handlebars, these Schmidt light mounts are the ticket. Ideal for heavier lights like a Schmidt Edelux or Sinewave Beacon, but they work fine for plastic jobbies too. The mount looks like the stick shift on a Bisiluro.

These come in 2 styles and 2 colors. One style either functions as a light mount that puts the light in front of the bar, the other has it sort of hovering over the bar. To get technical, it’s 59mm from the center of the bar to the light mount. The second style is shorter, and the one we use more frequently. The mount is offset, and can only be oriented one way. The extension is 38mm. Really, the only compelling reason to get the 59mm mount is if you have a big basket or lumpy bike packing bag, and you need vertical clearance to get your light to shine over the lump and onto the road. If that’s the case, then you orient the mount vertically, so it’s sticking straight up from your bars. Not a look that will cause John Prolly to swoon, but, heck, maybe that’s a good thing.

All these mounts are $43. They’re machined aluminum, a touch of plastic and stainless steel. Made in the land of Silent Water.

Black and Silver. 59mm and 38mm extension .