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Schmidt Dynamo Rack Light



It’s 1963. Khrushchev is being driven around Moscow in his ZIL limo one dark winter’s night, when his chauffeur almost runs over a cyclist returning home from a day at the office. The near miss inspired the Premier. The following day, he demanded a bicycle taillight that used the least amount of strategic materials possible. From these humble beginnings, the Schmidt fender tail light was born*. Barely a light at all, but insanely bright nonetheless. This tiny light bolts to most rear racks, and with some finangling, to certain saddles and bike frames. We leave the Macgyver-ing to you, but know that this little light is tough, bright, simple and functional. No reflector, so make sure you strap an aluminum Xmas tree to your rear rack in case the wiring fails (it won’t). Perfect for your stainless single speed town bike, or your ultra light rando touring whip, or your Kharkov XB3.

*None of this happened and the light is made in Germany, it just looks like mid century Soviet design.

If'ns you're tryin' ta couple this with a Sinewave Beacon, check out this guide I made. I spent a decent amount of time on it and damnit if you don't find it handy! SONtoBeaconWiringGuide