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Rivendell Cork Grips, Normal Style


Genuine ring cork from a small wine bottle cork maker in Portugal, the cork capital of the world. These Rivendell cork grips are simple and stylish- they will make any bike look better. Supremely light, a bit of give, and grippy. You can get the most grip out of them raw, but we recommend shellac. Shellac will help protect the grips, keeping them from turning grey with hand dirt. Clea Shellac makes them just a hair darker. Amber makes them a nice golden color. Apply two really thin coats. NOT for bar-end shifters. We sell the ones that are for bar end shifters, here.

Shellac before installing! And don’t shellac the insides.

Install by spraying 3M Super 77 spray glue into the grips, in a few quick, heavy bursts. Wait 30 seconds, then slide on. Have a rag ready, cause some glue might shoot out of a tiny hole in the cork. Wipe it off, wait for them to dry, good to go.