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Park Tool Adjustable Torque Driver

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Torque wrenches are hyper important these days. Back when I was learning how to be a mechanic, you just tightened the crap outta all the bolts, and hoped for the best. I didn’t see a torque wrench get used in a shop until maybe 2008. But times they are a changin’, and almost everything benefits from a touch of the ole torque wrench.

Bolts have gotten smaller. Parts have become lighter. Tolerances tighter. If you are installing a handlebar or stem or seatpost, you really really need a Torque wrench. If you under tighten, the bolt will loosen. If you over do it, it will compromise the structural integrity of the part(s) you are working on. Think I’m just saying that to scare ya? Google ‘Broken Thomson Stem’ and get back to me. All those images are from not using a torque wrench.

If you can’t afford a full bore adjustable ratcheting Torque wrench, at least get this unit for your seatpost, seat collar and stem. It comes with a 4, 5 and 6mm hex bit, as well as a T25 torx bit. They pop in and out easily, the spares are hidden in the handle. It adjusts from 4.5 to 6 newton meters with a rotating dial. When you get a bolt to torque, it clicks loudly, like your grandmother did when she caught you eating boogers.

We use this tool in conjunction with the Park Ratcheting Torque Wrenches, cause it’s fast, easy to use, and less of a hassle than resetting the bigger wrenches’ settings.