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Ortileb Bike Packing Bar Bag



Those Germans sure are clever. The Ortlieb factory cranks out these lightweight, super smart handlebar bags for bike packing. Way better than the trash bag and shoe lace program I used to use. The fabric is waterproof and the seams are taped. The ends are roll down dry bag closures so you ain’t gunna get your Gucci brand sleeping bag wet if you jump your bike off the dock.

Two sizes: one for drop bars and one for norm-core bars. The normal flat bar bag is super wide. Big enough for a small tent and a 3 season sleeping bag. That’s good, because most bikes that have normal flat bars have minimal room in the main triangle for gear. So a big bar bag is a must. The drop bar size is big enough for a lightweight down bag and a down coat, but that’s about it.

9L Ortlieb Handlebar Bag

Other hot features that will scald your Patagonia puffy and smoke your Big Agnes bag:

Foamy blocks to keep the bag away from the handlebar: no lost hand positions.

Much lighter than yo’ average bar bag, especially lighter than a cradle / tough dry bag combo.

Good warranty.

Made in Germany outta non stinky fabric. Easy to mount an Ortlieb accessory pack to, which is also a great little piece of kit.