Morakniv Classic No. 2F Finger Guard (C)


If the Morakniv Scout knife is too small for you, but you want a versatile woods knife, look yon  longer not, as they say.  Morakniv makes all of their knives in Mora Sweden, a town known for steel, knives, and salty licorice.  Actually, that last one is just Sweden in general.  

The Mora Classic No. 2F (the F is for finger guard I think) is a comfortable, utilitarian knife for camp chores, basic kitchen jobs (sharp and long enough to cut bread), carving, you name it.  Basically, it’s the knife you want if you don’t want to buy more than one knife ever.  You could use this at home in the kitchen then take it bike touring.  

Comes with a Sheath, which unfortunately is plastic, so it kinda looks cheap.  But the sheath works fine.  Just don’t go bragging to anyone about the knife, only to show them the sheath first.  

Unlike the other Moraknivs we sell, this one has a carbon steel blade.  What’s that mean?  It’s not stainless.  Here’s the good:  with a modicum of care, the knife will last a very long time.  Just wipe it on your pants after use, or with a dry cloth, if you are cutting anything wet, or not wearing pants.  Most things are secretly wet.  Bread, twigs, watermelon.  When you go to sharpen the blade, you’ll find that high carbon steel is way easier to sharpen than stainless, and it holds a razor edge with a minimum of effort.  

The bad news is that if you neglect your knife, it will tarnish and eventually rust.  Now, before you go thinking "oh my god, this is just like my tamagotchi. I will kill this knife dead and my peers will judge me with a harshness usually reserved for poorly prepared lattes."  Let me quell your inner turmoil with a story.  I have had two Moraknivs high carbon knives for about 7 years now.  They used to be part of a rental package of bike touring gear that I rented out at my old bike shop.  These knives were neglected during the rental times, and then left, wet and sad, for a few years.  They are tarnished, a tarnish that can not be easily removed.  They are not rusted, rusty, or full of rot holes.   Compare with my high carbon Opinel, which is pitted and trashed, becoming so in less than 2 years, during which I actually cleaned and used the knife routinely.  Not all high carbon steel is the same.  The Morakniv steel is really friggin’ good.  

Ok, long and short.  Easy to sharp, wicked sharp, light weight, wood handle, thick strong blade, questionable sheath, otherwise all around perfect knife. 

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