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Industry 9 Tubeless Valves



If your bike is an exciting color, like grey, or black, or dark grey, you probably need these valves so you don’t get kicked outta the cool kids club. There’s a yearly audit in the CKC, and you don’t want your card getting pulled. Then you won’t get to hang out in the tree house and drink CapriSun Wild Cherry Roarin’ Waters. Alternatively, maybe your bike is so bling that your wheels are upset at having anodized nipples and gucci hubs but a boring brass valve. The spokes keep breaking, just in protest of such an egregious affront to radness.

Either way, these are good valves. They call them no clog but all valves eventually clog. Not a big deal. Pull them out when they jam, and remove the valve stem. Then stick a spoke thru, and it’s fine. The best thing about these is the anodized knurled nut. Knurly!

Sold as a pair, 40mm