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Garlic Spices




Quill Hill Farm is up the road from Analog, and by up I mean up.  It’s quite a climb to get to the farm.  They’re world class garlic growers, but they also grow hot peppers, and some really good seasonal veg.   

I’m a big fan of good, super concentrated spices, and these little jars are just that.  No filler, all good, fresh, high quality ingredients, grown in a sustainable way by rad and nice folks.  These aren’t like a grocery store spice, where the spice is so old that you need to dump a ton on whatever you are cooking just to taste the flavor.  For this stuff, a little pinch goes a long way.

Flavors are pretty self explanatory:

100% garlic is just what it says it is.

Garlic Herb is a mix of the usual mediteranian herbs and garlic.  Perfect on any pasta dish, chicken, as an ingredient in salad dressing, etc.

Maple Garlic is great on chicken, in salad dressing, grilled zucchini or wherever you need the pungent aroma of garlic with a hit of sweetness

Sriracha Garlic is a mix of sweet, heat, and garlic.  Super good on grilled stuff, potatoes, chicken, tofu, certain soups like Pho, mixed into a burger, meatballs, etc. 

Smoked Chili Garlic.  This is my jam.  I pretty much use this everywhere.  The smoke isn’t overwhelming, but it’s there, and it adds depth.  I love this in a balsamic / olive oil / pepper / lemon / grainy mustard dressing, but it’s also great on grilled stuff, fish, in soup, etc.