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Fox River Norsk Heavy Weight Crew Socks



The Norsk Heavy Weight ragg wool sock is probably the warmest sock going for futzing around.  Can you hike in it? Sure, but it’s best for casual use, cause it doesn’t have a super tight fit.  I like them for sitting around, sleeping when it’s cold out, wandering around town, non-sporty things.  That said, if you are into socks and sandals because you have NO FEAR, then these can not be beat on cold days.  80% wool, which means they’re warmer for longer when wet than lesser wool content socks.  Lazy?  Wear these one day, flip em inside out, and wear them again the next day.  They won’t smell, unless you have really gross stinky feet.  Stinky feet?  Stop wearing goretex shoes (or anything Goretex, which is just made by stretching a sheet of teflon, the scourge of the environment, until it has little holes in it)  

US made, since 1900.