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Fox River Heavyweight 4 layer Glowmitt



I don’t know what a Glowmitt is, but I assume it’s named because keeping your fingers together keeps them warmer, like a glowing coal.  Let’s go with that.  The Fox River Glowmitt has a flip back mitten situation on the finger area, and a flip back thumb as well, so you can handle things like matches, 1.5mm allen keys, and the pages of that Archie comic where Veronica gets a goiter.  

Warm down to around 20 degrees, if you run warm, and 30 if not.  Add pogies for max warmthitude.  

 US made, by Fox River, who has been making wool socks and gloves since 1900.  Fox River’s factory employs 200 folks (Rad!) and is 100% powered by renewable energy.