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Fox River Girbraltar Frontier Extra-Heavyweight Mid-Calf Boot Sock



People ask us: how do you keep your feet warm in the winter when riding?  These socks are the ticket.  Ultra thick, high pile super soft wool.  No nylon against the skin.  Tall socks are warm socks.  You want socks that come up to just below the knee cap, for max warmth.  Combine these with muck boots, and you can ride down to 10 degrees with no toe warmers, and way colder with toe warmers.  Supportive enough for XC skiing, snow shoeing, or just wandering around the garden looking for the last of the potato crop.  Perfect socks for getting in a cold sleeping bag.  

US made by Fox River, who has been making socks here since 1900.  

Also, I should note: these socks are a STEAL!  20 bucks for a sock this warm is nuts.