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Fox River Four Layer Heavy Weight Wool Gloves



Thick, zesty, and warm.  Lots of gloves suffer from warm enough but clammy syndrome, because they are ‘waterproof’.  Waterproof is basically a myth, and the best way to keep your hands dry is to keep them from sweating too much.  Everyone is different, but in general, here’s our glove guidelines:

Use the 4 layer gloves (the 4 layers are: 1 thick wool layer, insulation later, fleece liner for no scratchy scratchy, 1 deer skin leather layer) in temps between 45 and 20 with no pogies.  20 to -10 with Pogies.  

The leather palm and fingers mean you have some traction on bars, but not so much that you can’t move around.  These gloves have not changed in years, and why should they?  Warm, comfortable, coozie AF.  

US made, by Fox River, who has been making wool socks and gloves since 1900.  Fox River’s factory employs 200 folks (Rad!) and is 100% powered by renewable energy.