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Easton EA70 Seapost


Even if you got beat up in 9th grade by a kid who played lacross with an Easton lacross stick, this seatpost is worth considering.  After all, that lacross stick didn’t bend when he was wacking you with it. 

The Easton EA70 seatpost is a simple, forged (and therefore strong) 2 bolt set back seatpost.  This is how all seatposts should be made, but very few are.  It’s hard to forge a seatpost, and expensive, but result is worth the few extra bucks.  Forged 1 piece seatpost shaft and heads, rather than the typical, cheaper bonded shaft and head are stronger and lighter, and will never come unglued.  Yes, heads come unglued.  I’ve had it happen a few times to me, and see it in many more times over my years in a norm-core bike shop.  

The bolts on this post are arranged correctly, IE front to back, not side to side, so the only way the seatpost saddle adjustment can slip is if the bolt breaks.  It’s an M6 bolt, and it is not going to break before the saddle rail snaps.  Nut shell: long life, no stress.

This is the best seatpost currently available for under 100 bucks.