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Unior Combination Pliers


Combination Pliers are not something most folks think of when they think of essential bike tools. It’s not, per say, a bike tool at all. But they come in more handy than you’d think, for all sorts of stuff. Holding things while you grind them, mushing cable end crimps, getting that last hit off your roach. Etc.

You could go down to the ol’ Homemart and get a pair of these, for like… 5 bucks. Made in China in a factory with minimal or no environmental controls, crappy wages and whose workers are forced to live in factory dorms, so they can’t get their party pants on. Or you could get these, which are drop forged (very strong), induction hardened (at the cutty part for longer lasting sharpness, expensive, complicated, worth it) Combination Pliers made in the EU by Unior. They also have fun colored handles which flare near the tool, so you have a firm grip even if your hands are covered in ghee.