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Cane Creek V-brake Drop Bar Levers

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Back when pennies were made out of copper, and nickels were made out of wood, you could buy a little chunk of aluminum called a Travel Agent. This ugly but functional nugget would allow you to run any ole drop bar brake levers with V brakes. Nowadays, kids take helicopters to school and never have to sit on a saxophone case in the rain while Sheryl and that one other kid on the block complain about how rich their parents are. And how they can’t wait to drive a Volvo to school and then flip it while listening to Sponge because a bee flew in the window and much violent squealing and swatting of said bee always leads to Volvo upside down in a ditch near the Borders Books. Oh Borders. You gave us so much bad coffee and semi-alternative music.

Now when kids wanna run V brakes and drop bar levers, they either have to scour Ebay for a Travel Agent, or run these levers. Really, these levers work better, just like tapes work better than 8 tracks. Yeah they’re both using tape, but c'mon! 8 tracks sound like they are recorded at the bottom of a well.

There are also some Diacompe levers out there that do the same thing as these, but they are hard to source, and unless you have small hands, the Cane Creek Levers are better anyway. Plus you can stick an IRD shifter nugget on the front of these and mount Shimano bar cons to the front of your lever for easy access friction shifting. Clever.

Ergomics are early 2000’s Campy style, which is good. We’re not huge into the printed lizards all over the hood, but things could be worse. It could be say, printed meal worms, or Nixon’s face or something.

Most folks don’t know how to mount a brake levers properly, or how important torque is to getting the set up right. We will have a video about that hopefully someday soon.

Black hoods with black blades or black hoods with silver blades.