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Busch & Muller Secula Seat stay/Seatpost Taillight


Safety nerds! This is your tail light. Even if the wiring gets cut, you still have a reflector. If the wiring does not get cut, you have a really bright, big tail light. The Busch and Muller Secula seat stay or seatpost light isn’t going to win any beauty pageants, but who wants to win a beauty pageant? Then you might have to talk to Donald Trump, and no one wants that, not even people he is related to. I wish I could write complete, utter gibberish and people would buy into it. At least my stories have a point, even if it’s a dumb one. Let me try to write a Trumpian product write up of this light. Here it goes:

"This light is, we’re talking about a huge light, the biggest brightest, you know, it will be historic, these new, it will be huge, just, I hear they are doing amazing things with these lights, they’re German I hear, me and what’s her face, Angel Miracle? We get along great, great friends, we talk all the time, wait she doesn’t like me, I don’t know her! Never met her, the Germans make garbage, they can’t make a hamburger to save their lives, I heard they, well never mind what I, it’s on the record, it’s a fact, everyone knows it. "

End of sales pitch. You want it now right? Really, this is a fine, bright, lightweight light. We like the fender version too. Run it with any front headlight, it will work fine. Attaches with zip ties. If you don’t like black zip ties, we have zip ties in various obnoxious colors.