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Busch and Muller Secula Fender Taillight


From the Teutonic purveyors of the well engineered fun house mirror: The Secula fender light. It uses 58,000* tiny mirrors to throw a half watt of light around the perimeter of the light. Somehow the reflector also lights up, but it works as a reflector too, in case someone steals your front wheel and you have to go to Wally World on your tour of Beulah North Dakota to get a new wheel. Wiring this thing is easy to do in a sloppy way, or really tedious if you want to make it clean and mostly hidden, like Candice does. Either way works fine. This is not the best looking fender light on the market. I’d argue the Spanninga Vena is a better looking light but it only takes batteries, and the Schmidt fender light is even better looking still. But it’s the best dynamo tail light for under 40 bucks, plus it has that built in reflector which is good. Made in Germany. Candice and I both use these on our Rivendells!

* Not really, but I am not gunna count them, there are a bunch.