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Busch and Muller Light mounts


Height & Color

Busch and Muller makes a ton of different dynamo light mounts. We secretly stock almost all of them, but these 2 styles are the most useful. Heavy gauge steel wire, strong enough for Sinewave Beacon and Edelux II headlights.

With a modicum of ingenuity and some big bolts, washers, aluminum spacers and a nylock nut, you can mount these to a wide array of fork crowns with various brake types.

The prices here are just for the mount itself, but we stock all those other bits. If you want to make sure you get the right stuff, email us a pic of your fork crown area and front brake, a measurement of the crown depth in centimeters or millimeters, and we’ll get you the right stuff. No measurement needed for Crust and Rivendell or Unicrown forks. We have those measurements already.