Brooks B17 Narrow Saddle


To put it concisely, the saddle is the crucial part of a bicycle that comes into intimate contact with the rider, so it's important to choose wisely, especially when it comes to a narrow saddle. While it may require a significant investment, the advantage is that many aesthetically pleasing saddles are also highly functional. Similar to anything that touches sensitive areas, it's worth spending the money on a quality saddle.

That excerpt is taken from Pops Jr.'s insightful book on the undeniable benefits of riding a Brooks B17 saddle. These saddles are still manufactured in England, using thick leather tops and sturdy steel rails. Unlike most saddles on the market, Brooks leather saddles can be repaired relatively easily, with many repairs possible to be done in-house. While other saddles may be deemed unusable with major issues, a Brooks saddle can have new rivets added, cracked leather repaired, and heavy sagging fixed. For more extensive repairs, there are external resources available.

For optimal comfort, it is recommended to set your handlebar tops anywhere between 1cm below and 5cm above the top of the saddle. If you bend over more than that, particularly on a race bike, discomfort and pressure may arise, falsely attributing the blame to the saddle when it's actually the fault of the bar height.

When your saddle and handlebars are properly adjusted, the saddle is initially suitable straight out of the box, but it becomes even better as you ride and sweat in it, allowing it to conform to your sit bones similar to a well-fitting hiking shoe. However, this molding process takes time, so it's important to appreciate the saddle as it is until it fully adapts to your body.

Contrary to popular belief, you don't necessarily need to wear cycling shorts with a Brooks saddle. Although this notion may seem strange at first, it proves true when you actually give it a try. Lightweight hiking shorts or stretchy, non-restrictive jeans are sufficient. Brooks saddles were designed to provide comfort even without synthetic fabrics and thick chamois pads. Excessive padding tends to compress under the sit bones and cause discomfort, rather than relieving it.

While Brooks saddles are not fond of rain, the solution is simple: cover them when it's wet outside.

To maintain these saddles, it's recommended to apply a generous amount of goop (preferably Brooks Proofide) once a year. If that's not available, Obenauf's goop is a suitable alternative. These products effectively hydrate the leather without softening it excessively, as using substances like Mink Oil would lead to premature sagging of the saddle.


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