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Blue Lug BL Select BTP Bar Tape




Cherry Blossoms and Miami Vice dress cues.  Basho would have been stoked.  

Blue Lug Cotton handlebar tape, easy to wrap.  Comes with wood bar plugs.  Classes up any bike, but pairs best with fizik gel underneath.  


Late season peppers growing fat on the plant, the deepening cobalt of the lake against the darkening sky.  Parting ducks and geese, the tang of wood smoke.  Wrap your handlebars with this Blue Lug bar tape, and evoke fall all year long.  If you are the type who relishes putting away the jorts and breaking out the wool sweat, this tape is for you.  Cotton.  Easy to wrap.  Comes with wooden bar plugs.


Blue Lug’s BL Select cotton handlebar tape reminds me of playing Pole Position at the bowling alley when I was 8.  

If you put this on your bike (you should) don’t wreck like I did at that game.  I never made it a full lap.  

(Digital Diamond) 

I’m renaming this Blue Lug cotton handlebar tape from Digital Diamond to “geometric analog pyramids as seen from above.”   Easy to wrap, soft, comfortable with a layer of fizik gel under the tape.  Comes with wooden bar end plugs.