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Anti-Seize by Juice Lubes

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Think of Anti Seize like a grease that doesn’t lubricate. You use it when you want to prevent two metals from bonding to each other through a process called galvanic corrosion. This is most likely to occur when dealing with Titanium and any other metal. You can also use it in places where you would normally use grease but don’t need to per say use grease. Seatpost / frame, headset install, spoke nipples, pedal install. It’s fine for all of that. Not ok for lubrication: bearings, chain, that sorta thing. If it moves, use grease. We tend to just use Anti Seize on Ti stuff, because it’s messier and more expensive than Puff’s Crystal Grease. So that means, at Analog, we pretty much just use it on White Industries Ti freehub bodies before we slide a cassette on. You paint it on the freehub splines and in the threads where the lockring goes. Wear gloves, who knows whats in this stuff, but chances are it’s not good for you.

One container will last a normal home mechanic their entire life if you keep the lid on when not in use.