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All City Super Professional





**Note Shipping will be a separate charge & we still require a purchase of at least $500 in parts for any frameset sale**

The All City Super Professional is like a No. 8 Opinel. Perfect for most things, adequate at everything else. In other words, you CAN carve a turkey with it, but it's gunna get messy. If you just need a bike to do most of things people do with bikes, the Super Professional is one of the better whips to do that with. To wit: solid tire clearance, for a road bike. 650b x 47 tires or 700c x 45 tires let you ride 90% of the surfaces out there. Dirt roads, most class 4 roads. Potholes. Sewer grates. Chip seal. Tow paths. Rail trails. Farm lanes. Chill singletrack with no drops and minimal rocks. All City wants you to think this is a flat bar bike, but make no mistake, it takes drop bars just fine. It's basically an All City Space Horse with a higher bottom bracket and the ability to be set up as a singlespeed. That's a good thing, for certain types of riding. High BB's add stability to a bike (contrary to popular myth), and they make it easier to pedal thru mud, grass, tight berms, over logs... All good things.

It has minimal braze ons, so it's not a bike packing rig, but more of a road touring / commuting / overnighting kinda thing. It can take fenders, racks, all that jazz.
It has dropper post routing for some reason, which is silly since the stand over is so bad you have hardly any seatpost exposed. Perhaps you could use it as Slim Jim storage? Bonus points to whoever tires this and reports back.
Get this bike if you like the idea of a tough, versatile steel bike that can be set up a number of different ways.
12mm thru axles. Flat mount brakes, our favorite. Threadless norm core headset. Threaded 68mm BB shell.
All in stock frames are sold as either a partial (at least $500 of parts) or complete build. No frame only sales. Super Professional custom completes start at $2800 with a 1x11 drivetrain.