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All City Gorilla Monsoon




Once Gorilla Gino Monsoon teamed up with Killer Kowalski, there was no stopping him. He rode roughshod over the competition. Big Cat Ernie Ladd, Skull Murphy and Brute Bernard all fell victim to his supple Airplane Spin. Once Gorilla Gino Monsoon retired, he took his famous spin to All City, who bought it for a case of Lunchables and a keg of Crystal Pepsi. All City built the Gorilla Monsoon frameset around the unbeatable Airplane Spin, which Gorilla Gino Monsoon had perfected while practicing nude ballet in a river in Manchuria. I’ll leave you to figure out what that would look like.

Here’s the low down on the AC GM. It’s really similar to another bike that (mostly) rhymes with Fedora. There’s much talk about how the Gorilla Monsoon frameset is heavier than rhymes with Fedora frameset, because it has 9/6/9 tubing vs 8/5/8. I’m here to fact you, with these facts:

2020/2021 Pineapple Sundae colorway

The AC GM uses a smaller fork crown. Both fork crowns are made… of steel. More steel is heavier than less steel. The actual weight difference between two tubesets of the same length, 9-6-9 butting vs 8-5-8 butting is minimal. I actually just added two tubesets up on Framebuilder Supply, and actually got a smaller number for the heavier tubes, probably because the butting profiles were a bit different. And even then, it was 3 grams. Who TF cares about 3 grams?

2020/2021 Rootbeer Colorway


Thicker tubes barely weigh more, yet they resist dents and rust better and they’re stiffer. These are all good things, surely good enough to justify a bike that’s even a pound heavier. The frameset isn’t a pound heavier, I’d wager it’s the same weight or less.

The Gorilla Monsoon is a stellar do it all bike. You can ride pretty serious trails with it, fire roads, class four roads, you know the drill. Put big slick tires on it and go beat up on the local KPCC (Killington Pico Cycling Club, the toughest roadies this side of the Greens) riders, just make sure you are wearing your camo Crocs and your best swim trunks.

Light touring? Fine. Commuting? Great. Occasional Cross Race? Yea, if you really hate yourself that much. If you only have one bike, it should be a bike like this. Fender mounts, rack mounts, handles fine, like a bike. No weird low trail action up front. Can take a front load or no load or a back load, or loads in both places… wait... we’re talking about baggage here, and not the emotional kind. Get your mind outta the gutter.

Extended headtubeage for higher bars with less spacers. Clearance for 2.2 tires on big ol rims or 2.4s on 24mm rims. Can be set up as a double but best as a 1x system, with drop bars and SRAM Rival levers.

Andy and Caitrin, good local riders, ride these bikes over all sorts of challenging terrain. They just lowered the gearing on the stock bike and raised the bars.

Completes are pretty decent, with some basic mods. Framesets are a screaming deal. ED coated on the inside for anti rusty times.

Email us or call usor stop in to ask about sizing, it’s a bit wonk town.