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Unior Mallet

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Look, I didn’t think I was a mallet snob until I used this Mallet. It looks like an overgrown, oddly shaped really nice pencil, like if Tombow made a Mallet.

This Unior Mallet has nice plump cream colored wackers that look like big ol erasers. The shaft is blonde and smooth, made of the purest hardwoods that the factory workers at Unior steal from Poland when Poland isn’t looking. 

Mallets are very useful at subduing overzealous co-workers, winning at Wack-a-Mole, and removing splined crankarms, popping out headsets, thunking in star nuts and some other stuff I can’t remember. But they’re handy, and this one is really nice. It bites it’s thumbnail at cheap harbor freight imitators, and will elevate your work bench to a higher level.