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Tanglefoot Old Turkey Vulture Water Transporter


Tanglefoot is a slowy-chuggin-along bicycle brand born outta the minds of us two folk at Analog. We're making progress on prototyping and developing our products, which we need more of before we can officially launch the Tanglefoot webstore. For now, these bottles will be sold here and in our shop.

Specialized makes the best water bottles going. Minimal water bottle taste, good flow, a nozzle that won’t break your teeth like a frozen Christmas cookie. Here’s a hint: Let the cookies thaw in your pocket for a bit first, or else spend 4 months fishing endless peanut shards out of your mouth.

This here bottle is a tribute to a crow that was once young and now is not. We’ve turned the crow into a Turkey Vulture, a little nod to our origins at Analog Cycles. Fill this with the finest bottom shelf sour mash and go for a nice slow ride.

Designed by friend and fellow rider Dustin Fritz. Give his other work a gander on his IG feed.

22oz capacity.