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Rollci Headset ZS44/EC44


Ahura Mazda knows I love some bike bling.  Sign me up any ole day for Paul brakes, and 40 dollar shift cables, anodized derailleur pulleys, brass plated chains.  My dream is that when I die, Candice will have me painted in aluminum paint and then anodize me in a black to purple fade with blue splatters.  

Headsets though… dang. There are some affordable headsets out there that look nice, and work really well.  I tell folks: if you have extra money to blow, spend it on Paul Klampers, not on a headset.  If you have tons of money, yeah go ahead, get a really hot headset too.  But brakes are more important.  

To that end, check out this Rollcii headset.  We stock it for Tanglefoot Moonshiners, but it will work with any ZS (that’s zero stack) 44 top headset cup and any EC (that’s external cup) 44mm lower headset cup.  

Sealed angular contact bearings that are replaceable and rebuildable. Tight tolerances.  A fine finish.  Really, it’s a perfect headset.