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Paines Incense and Incense Holders



Paine’s incense is made in Maine, where there are a bunch of saw mills, and therefor a bunch of sawdust. What to do with all that saw dust? Well in my world, we use it for our composting toilet. But it also makes a good incense! Hold a match to ‘em and it smells like a cozy campfire in your living room / study / family room / yurt. The box of incense comes with a little basic wood incense holder. Works fine! You could also get fancy, and get the brass Owl holder too. The owls are watching you. If you don’t buy this incense holder, they’ll know. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. It’s brass, but it looks like a heavily patina’d brass. It’s heavy, for it’s size, unlike a real owl, which is oddly light for its size. Holds the Paine’s Balsam incense sticks (not the Red Cedar Cones). 

The Red Cedar has a sharper smell than Balsam incense, but it’s a good sharp smell, it’ll cut right through the smell of the compost bin when you open it in a 312 square foot yurt, or if your partner doubled down on the beans the night before. If you have ever smelled a cedar closet, it’s like that but better, because you don’t have to sit in the closet to smell it.Look, I didn’t know how to pronounce balsam either. It’s Ball-Sam. Easy. I thought maybe it was Ball Sum, or Balsa-am.

Like incense but don’t wanna smell like you are trying to cover up the smell of cheap weed cause you still live in your mom’s basement? This is your jam!

Speaking of jams, did you know we sell records now? If you’re into fine jams, check out The Messthetics track Quantum Path off their self titled album. Listen to that one track, then buy the record from us!