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Blue Lug Triangle Reflectors Mini


Color Outer/Color Inner

Ten steps to being more reflective:

  •  Keep a journal.  Write down all the funny jokes you come up with and those who didn't laugh
  • Talk a walk in nature.  If you don’t have any nature near you, go to Home Depot and walk around the garden section.
  • Dwell heavily on past events.  
  • Read.  We recommend reading Analog product descriptions.
  • Track your feelings.  If you know where your feelings are going, you can stop them, and put them back in the bin.
  • Perform a Self Check Up.  Do you smell?  Do you look dishevelled, slovenly?  Yes?  You probably live in a yurt. 
  • Set specific goals.  Handy for improving your bowling game.
  • Try Counseling.  What do you call a cow therapist?  A Cow-nciler!
  • Perform breathing exercises.  Can you do that Kenny G cross breathing thing?  No?  Get cracking! 
  •  Put this reflector on the back of your bike.  It’s small, but very reflective.  People will know you are one with your self.