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Blue Lug Triangle Reflectors


Color Outer/Color Inner

Remember when your dad would steal the batteries out of the smoke detector to make the TV remote work?  Because TV is more important than the house burning down.  This memory should drive home an important lesson: batteries die, and nothing is more important than channel surfing between 3 channels.  

Tail lights are great.  We love them.  They’re the best, most effective way to let cars know where you are, but more visibility is better, and a back up system is always a good idea.  That’s where these Blue Lug large reflective triangles come in.  Hang it from the saddle or from your saddle bag, or I guess from your butt pack.  If you keep it sorta clean, it will light up like a Moltov cocktail when a car comes up behind you.  Also, it’s fun looking, like your bike has a sense of humor.