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Orange Seal Endurance Sealant


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There are a bunch of tubeless sealants on the market. The big one is Stan’s. I find Stan’s to be one of the worst sealants, especially at the act of sealing flats! After testing a bunch of sealants, and talking to wheel builders, mechanics and product testers, we settled on Orange Seal. Orange Seal Endurance sealant is good down to 0 degrees F. It has a bunch of different sized chunks of glitter in it (they call them nanites, which is marketing speak for glitter) that help coagulate around a puncture hole. It stays liquid for about 6 months. We usually dump more sealant in than recommended, as we are riding touring bikes or bike packing bikes. 4 oz per big mountain bike tire, 6 oz for a fat bike tire, and 3 oz for a touring tire. We use Orange Seal on our Rivendell touring bikes, Tanglefoot bike packing bikes, and Surly fat bikes. We’ve been using this sealant for about 3 years, and we’re still sold on it. Still on the fence about tubeless? Read this. How do you fix a tubeless puncture? With this tiny tool kit.