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Park Tool Tire Boots


For those of you still running inner tubes, tire boots are a great little piece of insurance to keep in your tool roll. After you that broken Zima bottle cuts your sidewall, and you are done lamenting the premature end of your time living the #supplelife, you can pull the tire open, turn the inner tube into 327 very stinky rubber bands, and boot the tire with one of these Park Tire Boots. If the hole is small, cut the boot down and round the corners so they don’t poke the new tube. I’d say the smallest you’d wanna cut it would be ¼ of it’s original size, and that would be for a hole the size of an eraser head on a Van Dyke 601.

Dust off the inside of the tire, or wipe it out if it’s a bit gross. Your riding partner’s t-shirt is usually an ideal fabric to do this with. Stick the boot on and rub it good. Then put a fresh tube in, and Bob’s your Uncle.

3 pack.