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Analog Cassette Shirt


“He shuns all common haunts, and seeks afar, The loneliest spot amid the thickest shade: And flies from the intrusive step of man,...” The Hermit Thrush by John H Bryant...

Analog Turkey Vulture Sticker


Because you need a new sticker. Ben Franklin thought that the Turkey Vulture should have been the US bird, not the Eagle. When SRAM came out with Eagle, a 500%...

Pharten' Around Pharm Maple Syrup


Here's a quick primer on how to make maple syrup the right way. Drill a few holes in a few dozen trees. Stick taps in said trees and connect them...

Heavy/Light Unisex T-shirt


Here's a recipe for you. It's called Marg's Busch. If you take that somewhere bad, that's on you, you dirty person you. Take a Busch Light, ideally ice cold but...

AnaLOG Trucker Cap


Nothing says 'I have a huge brain' quite like a Trucker hat. Think about it, who has more time to think than a long haul trucker? Maybe a hermit monk...

Walking Boss Suspenders


I know what you're thinking: really? Yes, really. We wear suspenders almost everyday. Any time I'm feeling lazy and don't put them on, I regret it almost immediately. Especially as...

Untapped 1oz Maple Syrup


Untapped dubs itself as All Natural Athletic Fuel, which it is, but it's also a really easy way to transport your favorite tree goo around. Notice I said goo and...

Untapped Maple Waffle


Untapped harnesses the magic and wonder of maple syrup and uses it to improve on a classic cycling snack: the stroopwafel. If you've never had one (what have you been...

Paines Incense and Incense Holders


Paine’s incense is made in Maine, where there are a bunch of saw mills, and therefor a bunch of sawdust. What to do with all that saw dust? Well in...

Tanglefoot Old Turkey Vulture Water Transporter


Tanglefoot is a slowy-chuggin-along bicycle brand born outta the minds of us two folk at Analog. We're making progress on prototyping and developing our products, which we need more of...

Tanglefoot Jim Gnar Water Transporter


Designed in the 1800’s, then redesigned by our friend Dustin, this Jim tribute bottle pays homage to the old seal on Republic of Vermont coins, pressed before Vermont joined the...

Transparent Fountain Pens


Read the cheap but great fountain pen write up first! Why do these look so great? I keep hoping the folks at the bank will notice my fly pen situation,...

Fountain Pen Ink


Refill your fountain pen the old, good way. With a tiny bottle of ink! Don’t be like James and barely put the lid back on. That could spell doom for...

Prime Timber Pencil


Rumor has it that the Prime Timber is the only pencil that Al Jourgensen will write music with. A little known fact* about Al: he secretly loves writing childrens’ songs...