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Nitto S83 Seatpost: World's Best Seatpost


The Nitto S83 is perhaps the finest seatpost ever made. There’s only a few reasons to get any other seatpost, but they’re mainly relegated to color (this only comes in...

Brooks B17 Special


The benchmark touring saddle, in a deluxe form. More B17’s have been across the country and around the world than any other model or brand of saddle. Still made in...

Hobo Pieces Restuvus


The Restuvus is a nifty little unit brought to the world by Hobo Pieces. CNC'd in Wisconsin, this guy adds utility to new and old saddles that lacketh saddle bag...

Fifth Season Waxed Canvas Saddle Cover


Treadled in Maine, USA. Made for a Brooks B17, let's call max saddle width 18 cm. Off-center-cinch-pull technology (OCCP), which isn't trademarked or registered and we're not sure if it...

Brooks Cambium C17


The Cambium C17 is NOT a weather proof B17. Stop thinking that. They have literally nothing to do with each other. The Cambium is a totally different shape, different materials,...

Brooks Proofide 25g Tin


Do you ever wonder if the person you are living with is trying to kill you and burn down your shop? Maybe it’s a cold glimmer in their eye. Maybe...

Brooks B17 Standard Saddle


"The reality is, the saddle is the part of the bike with which we share our most intimate contact, and it’s worth getting right. While it may not be cheap,...

Wolf Tooth Seat Collars


Back when my parents thought it was ok to have me drive a bunch of kids to school in a mini van with no back seats, using a 5 disc...

Nitto S92 Seatpost 350mm


Zero offset seatposts make zero sense, mostly. Here’s the exception: bikes with really slack seat angles. 71, 70, 69 degrees. These bikes can use zero set back posts. The soon-to-be-available...

Nitto Jaguar Seapost 27.2


Great Googly Moogly! The Nitto Jaguar is one fine seatpost. NJS approved, which means it passes super strict testing for track racing. Because those people can crash at an insanely...

Fiber Grip by Juice Lubes


There are times when you want a gritty lube. Like, if your roommate keeps bragging about his Strava results: pack his hubs in this grease. It will slow him right...

Velo Orange Setback Seatpost


There are very few long setback seatposts out there. Really, just 3 I can think of. One is made by FSA, and FSA’s design mantra is ‘make it look like...