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Unior Pro Pedal Wrench


Dang. This pedal wrench is really nice. It’s like a more ergonic Park Pro pedal wrench, that comes in ketchup party red orange, AND has a bottle opener for that luke warm bottle of velkopopovický Kozel that you keep in your povlak na polštář. Lots of leverage ‘cause of the long handle. The handle feels like a handle, not some pole that someone tool-dipped (hey, I think that’s a crime in the EU!). There’s a bonus star shaped hole (wait, no, stop) in the center of the head (what?) that fits over 15mm axle nuts, in case you wake up in 2001 and need to take your track hubs off.

Lots of pedals these days don't even have flats for a pedal wrench, which is too bad because when you need the extra leverage they are super handy to have. Note that none of the pedals we currently have on the site have pedal flats, they just use a 6mm or 8mm hex.