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Chromag Scarab Pedals



Big pedals from the big neighbor to the North. These are the biggest pedals we offer. If you ride in soft shoes, have big ole flippers, or just want insane traction and fun anodized colors, these pedals are the grass fed butter on your artisan breakfast toast.

18.76% bigger than the Deity Black Kat pedals we sell. One Bushing and one bearing, so they’ll need service more often than the Black Kats, but the Black Kats basically never need service. Everything needs more service than those! A yearly tear down in dryish places should be OK. These pedals are born in British Columbia, the Amazon of the North West, so if they hold up there, they’re probably legit anywhere.

The finish quality on these pedals is off the charts. Polished and perfectly anodized. Big shiny traction pins. They exude quality like those horseradish sauce pump things at Arby’s exude flavor.

Less colors than the Black Kats, but shinier finish, and the red is really deep, like blood. Plus they have a gold pedal that makes it look like you are on your way to Oz as you pedal around. Especially when you're wearing a Gingham dress.