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Discord Gov't Issue Tubeless Tape



This is the best tubeless tape out there. We tested Orange Seal, Stan’s, WTB, Spank, Velocity, Easton and some other ones I forgot about. Some are good but too expensive, some are good but too thin. Some are real, real bad. I’m looking at you Stan’s/WTB whoever else sells that yellow junk-tape. Analog’s tubeless tape is forgiving, like a nice grandma when you hit a vase with a baseball. It’s stretchy, like those sacks they made me wear for interpretive dance in high school drama class. It’s nice looking, a deep emerald green like a glacial lake surrounded by hemlocks. It’s sticky, like the floor of the dollar theater. It’s durable, like an Estwing framing hammer. It’s affordable, like a used Ford Fiesta. Actually, it’s more affordable than that.

Most tubeless tapes let ya do a few wheels. Maybe 4 at the most. Our tape is affordable AND it comes with way more tape. That’s how you know the other cats are just straight cold taking your hard earned cash, filling vast swimming pools with it, lighting said swimming pools on fire, all while laughing dementedly, like Mr. Burns, but more evil.

Analog tubeless tape comes in ¾”, 1” and 3” varieties. Get the narrow stuff for rims with an interior width of betwixt 24 and 18mm. Get the 1” stuff for rims with an interior width of 24mm-74mm. Overlap as needed. Get the 3” stuff for rims between 76mm and 100mm wide.

To give you an idea of how good of a deal our tape is: Orange Seal’s 24mm tape is a buck o’ eight a yard. Our tape is thicker so you need less of it, and it’s .22 cents a yard. Orange Seal’s tape would if you are lucky, do 2 wheels. Ours would do 31 wheels, for 5 bucks more. I’m not good at math, but I think that’s a pretty smokin’ deal.

Named after legendary Dischord hardcore band Government Issue.