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Heavy/Light Unisex T-shirt



Here's a recipe for you. It's called Marg's Busch. If you take that somewhere bad, that's on you, you dirty person you. Take a Busch Light, ideally ice cold but usually sorta frame bag temp. Crack it open and take a gulp. Next, take a squeezy lime and shoot a good long stream into the can. You can use a fresh lime in a pinch. Make sure to get plenty on the rim of the can. Now, carefully take kosher salt and put a small pinch in the can (it'll foam up if you do too much) and a big pinch on the top of the can, where you get your sip on. If this is a mid ride beverage, just stop here. If it's the end of the day, add a big dollop of whatever cheap clear tequila you can get that comes in a plastic bottle. Swirl the mixture gently. I tend to do this last step in my mouth. Margi's Busch is insanely fantastic, like this T shirt. If you wanna impress your friends, you can pre mix 1 part cointreau and 2 parts tequila in a water bottle and bring that along as an easy dispenser. Everyone we've tried this recipe on is surprised by how good it is. Except John. We don't talk to him any more.
We'll eventually publish a book of recipes, including classics like Slop in a Ti Mug (canned chicken, canned curry, lentils and canned coconut milk), Morning Musings (Cafe Bustelo instant coffee, Pure Mild instant coffee, bourbon and maple syrup), and Captain Crunk (Instant microwave bacon wrapped around a Peep and roasted... tastes exactly like Captain Crunch cereal).
Anyway, this T shirt is a screen print of a drawing of a hunting season Busch Light can that has been crushed in a fit of excitement. It was originally drawn with sharpies in a tiny apartment that was very un-strategically located above a woman known as Debbie who liked to leave passive aggressive notes on our car.

Printed in Vermont by folks who are nice, on deep green T shirts that makes you feel like you are getting a hug from the only elementary school teacher you actually liked.
Here's another recipe: It's called Old Fashioned Busch. Jesus, get your mind outta the gutter. You just take some bitters (ideally homemade), add a dash to a 2/3rds full can of Busch Light, one glug of maple syrup, and then top off with a healthy splash of Old Grandad.

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