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Discord Components w(Right) Stem


Long stems are going the way of the Dodo Bike fit, bike geometry and bike spec work in aggregate to shape how a rider rides a bike. In an ideal...

Discord Components Creemee Stem


What is a Creemee? It’s only the best summer time food product one can enjoy in the state of Vermont. Ideally it’s a vanilla/maple soft serve twist. The best ones...

Paul Component Klampers Disc Brake Caliper I.S. & Flat Mount


For years and years we at Analog resisted disc brakes on our personal bikes. The reasons were myriad: brake pad drag, horrible honking noises, difficult adjustments, impossible to rebuild in...

White Industries M30/G30 Cranks


What costs 3x a SRAM GX crank, weighs about the same, and does the exact same job? A White Industries M30 crank! But, who cares! The White Cranks are still...