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SRAM GX Rear Derailleur 1x11

Out Of Stock

SRAM’s middle of the line rear mountain derailleur is close to perfect. It’s not particularly great looking, but it shifts well, it can take a beating, and it’s pretty affordable. It’s our go to derailleur for 1x11 drivetrains. With no modifications, it can shift through a really wide gear range: 11-50. Add in a cable pull modifier, and you can set the SRAM GX derailleur up to work with SRAM road shifters, which makes it ideal for bike packing setups where you want to run dirt drops.

The next step up from SRAM, the XO rear derailleur, works just as well but saves you less than 10 grams and uses carbon to relieve you of almost 100 more bucks. The step down from the GX is the NX, which is plasticy and has a short service life. Shoot for the middle. The GX is the right choice on budget builds and gucci builds alike.

Built in, no fuss clutch mechanism means the derailleur doesn’t bounce all over the place when you are on rough trails. Unlike the Shimano clutch, you don’t have to turn this one on or off, it’s always on. Why have it any other way?

Analog typically has these derailleurs in stock for custom builds or drivetrain modifications.