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Garbaruk Pulleys For Stock SRAM 11/12 Derailleur Cages



Why do you need these pulleys? Because they look amazing! No other reason. They are little round pointy works of industrial art, and once you see them in person, you know you need to stick them on a bike.

They’re aluminum, wicked light, spin nicely. They won’t help improve your shifting, don’t ask.

All Garbaruk products take about 2-3 weeks to get here. We only have a few in stock, mainly to show people who wander in what they look like. Too many colors, tooth counts and cranks to go deep with them. But, if you get them thru us, you won’t pay the fat shipping charge from Poland. So be rad, and order them here!

Shimano Pulleys for XT 11 and 12 speed derailleurs, standard bearings

SRAM Pulleys from SRAM 1x derailleurs including Rival 1, Apex 1, Force 1, NX and GX, XO 11 speed 1x.